20 December 2009

Little Notes

Dear Melissa aka myself,
Why are you such a copier of other people's ideas?

Dear Christmas,
I'm sorry that you've been so much on the backburner this year. Forgive me. I am excited for you.

Dear Blog,
Find more followers.

Dear Wedding,
13 days and you'll be here. I am waiting with bated breath for you. Please go well.

Dear Temple,
I'm excited:)
Dear Snow,
Please don't on January 2nd.

Dear Alan,
I love you. Alot. I just had a thought process that went like this. I am marrying Alan-that in itself is perfect-so maybe i should have more faith in wedding-even if it snows-or i dont like the photographer-or i forget something sortof important.

Dear German Grade,
WHERE ARE YOU????? Ich Angst vor dir.

Dear Bengal Creek management,
If i had gray hairs right now, it would be because of you!

Dear New Small Little Lovely Basement Apt. That is MINE,
Love you

1 comment:

  1. Ma! This is such a cute post. I'm so glad you're blogging again, be prepared for me to stalk you.. all the time..