08 August 2009

2 posts in one day: I'm gay..;)

but hey i am just a little stoked right now.why?
1. I just worked the last day of my 5 day MEga-shit(ft)
2. tomorrow= day orff...(you might get this if you know classical music)
3. the fact that i have just made a classical music reference about Carmina
4. 4 days till i pick up mcfallan in SLC
5. Church tomorrow in the 8th ward Q:the 8th ward?A: my student ward in pokie. i love those peeps!
6. Im seeing ad-sters tomorrow and i love that lady
7. my stitches have stopped itching
8. i can finally mail my missionary letters
9. i have a fatty actual check to cash
10. i like making lists..if you couldnt tell?

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