30 July 2009

pissie missi

i've been feeling pretty pissy lately what with work consuming my life and Alan still being 1000 miles away. Q:how much longer, though? A: only 6 days!! but they feel like forever. I need a good pick me up to get me through till next thursday, and what better than listing 10 things that make me terribly happy?

10 things that make me terribly happy
driving toward a sunset or sunrise blasting choral music.
2. recognizing god's hand in things.
3. giving in to a well deserved nap.
4. when a song just flows into my head after a dry spell of no writing.
5. having one of those moments. you know, the ones where you're standing in some beautiful place or situation and you look up at the sky and feel so thankful that you're capable of experiencing something so beautiful.
6. pocatello and the hope it brings to my life.
7. airports.
8. alans gorgeous eyes

9. in a stunning live classical performance: between the end of the piece and the clapping. that intake of breath you can hear, because other people are stunned as well.
10. feeling the cool night air in my hair and wheels beneath my feet.


  1. I love number 5! That's probably the best feeling in the world. You are so awesome Mel. When will we be able to hang out?! And I wanna meet your Alan boy!

  2. frick we totally need to hang. everything is crazy now, but i promise we will and i promise you'll meet al face.
    i miss you lady!!