19 June 2012

the bach.

can we just talk about Emily having more cajones than i ever thought?
who knew that abc would'nt keep ryan around..
his drama was bringin' in the ratings.

also, since this is my first bachelorette experience...do these guys always turn into cry babies?
.and arie..you're the worst one.

among other favorites of the night:
ryans tank top. what was that?
also, his turquiose shoes. red flag? gay.
emily tripping in her heels, though that outfit was to die. wish i had a 5 in' thigh gap so i could get away with those clothes.
arie drama next week. whattttt?!

cant wait for next monday
{who says that?}


  1. The men this season have been especially weepy. Haha. I am seriously so glad Ryan is gone I couldn't believe how much he still had to say after she dumped him. Wow....

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