16 May 2012

hem. hem.

I havent felt like blogging.
which is clearly no secret to you lot.

The end of school kindof took it right out of me.
My sewing final and costume final were both 10 hour projects at the very least, and i almost died.
not to be dramatic, but i'm going to go ahead and be dramatic and say it REALLY about killed me. really.
I swore that after i finished those projects, i wouldnt do anything creative for at least 2 weeks.
Just so we're clear, i dont keep my promises.
not to myself, at least.
in just a week and a half, i've auditioned for a show, started rehearsals, refinished an old side table, decorated a bit around the old casa and doodled (not on purpose, it just happens) a few costumes.
Clearly creativity is etched into my being.
And i'm not saying that to be braggy.
it just is. and i'm a virgo.
and also apparently a person that references their zodiac "chart". (not really)
What can you do.

I've felt like showing you the dress i've sewn, and the table i found at DI and refinished.
BUT, my creativity conveniently stops at taking pictures.
i never really want to.
Sometime soon, maybe.

For now, its summer..i'm taking it easy (as easy as you can take it while doing a show) and i'll probably be lackadaisical with my blogging.

I'm sure that upsets many of you as the past 2 summers i have spent my time lonely in virginia whilst my husband selfishly leaves me at home to blog whilst he provides a living.

The things we do...the things we do.

Since blogger will no longer be supplementing my sanity, we'll all have to keep in touch and play. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. *cough* (rachael and leigh) *cough*..and whoever else feels so inclined.

woof. i'm pretty sad i just did that cough thing.
forgive me.

now i'm rambling.

big gulps, huh?

see you later.


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