17 May 2012


I've felt the need for garbage and cheese in my life.
thus, i've decided to watch the bachelorette this season.

Just wondering...
Is all reality TV about a sob story?

Emily's cool though.
Her thighs dont touch.
And she really cant handle ANOTHER heartbreak, so why not take your pick from 25 weirdo's that ABC has picked.
You wont get hurt, lady.
I'm betting on it ending well.

{sarcasm} ^

Oh hell. I'm too cynical for this.


  1. Ok can we just talk about how all of the guys upon meeting her were super weird and awkward!? Just saying they were trying a little too hard and fell into the crazy wagon. I hope you keep watching so we can make fun of it! :)

  2. Oh i'm stoked you're watching it too! Those guys were way awkward. I'm so sad she didnt have reactions to how weird they were. I would have laughed in the face of about 50% of those guys!

  3. Ha ha ha! It's all so true. Drama at it's best. Definitely the worst bachelor selections of all time.