17 April 2012

how i stay productive

Well, i dont. but here is how i've been TRYING

1. interrupting sessions of school work to play draw something.
it's rewarding. sort of.

2. begging the husband for a massage, or a back scratch. or to just play with my hair.
{while i take a short break from homeworking.}

3. taking a break to go play outside.
even if it's frisbee golf. which i am most certainly the WORST at.

4. taking another break to get some fro yo, ice cream, or something else sweet.
stimulates blood flow. or something.

5. giving in and getting shiz done.
how exciting.

i think what i am saying is. i am not in any way productive.
somehow, things are coming along. sortof
homework can ALWAYS wait till tomorrowish.

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