19 February 2012


life is overwhelming me right now.
after tearing out my clothes from my closet and having a tantrum this morning..
(like a 4 year old. literally. not even kidding. what must alan think? yikes)
clearly i need an attitude adjustment or something.

i'm a little frustrated::
with school. im so busy and drowning.
with church. im struggling in this new ward.
with my clothes. lost enough weight that nothing fits. not enough that i look super.
with life. its hard.

and this post is pissing me off.
my problems are laughable.
sorry i'm selfish.

i just want to eat and watch one tree hill.



  1. Seriously. Life is awful sometimes. I am all about enjoying anything you can; One Tree Hill is totally my go-to show. And I love that emo is a label for this post. I hope life stops being dumb for you!

  2. Melissa you are amazing! You have such a busy life girl sounds like we need to hang out so you can slow down a little bit! I totally had a morning like that a couple weeks ago where I just sat on the floor in front of my closet and bawled until Josh came and picked out something for me to where haha. We have such good husbands that take care of us. I hope that things get a little better for you! I am here if you need someone to listen!

  3. So I don't even know you, but I found your blog a while ago (maybe 'cause you're in Idaho?), and I just have to say that I like your honesty. And because you're honest, I like reading your blog. Thanks.