25 October 2011

missing my ring + a few pictures

today i ventured out to take some fall pictures.
the leaves have been falling and i had an hour to spare.
so i took some pictures, got really cold and headed to class.
right as a i pulled into my parking place, i realized i was missing something.

my wedding ring.

i remembered it had started to slide off at the park and i pushed it back onto my finger.
sometime between then and getting into my car, it slid off.
thus, the fall leaves at ross park swallowed up my wedding ring.

sadly, there is no happy ending. {yet..?}
i've been back there 4 times today frantically looking {even with a metal detector}.

i've cried and prayed and prayed and cried.
hopefully it will turn up.
it is my most favorite possession.

On a completely different note, here are some pictures of my hair.


  1. Oh, sad! I'm so sorry. I hope it turns up soon. Your hair looks lovely though! I wish I could go blonde; I do not have the coloring for it.

  2. oh melissa! that is terrible! im so sorry! but you look beautiful as a a blonde!!

  3. So Sorry about your Ring I cry everytime im not sure where i put mine!! Your hair is beautiful though!!!