07 September 2011



my life is crazy. and scattered. not to mention fun.

sure, there have been opportunities to blog, but watching tv, sleeping and playing with my family has trumped.

some of what's going on right now:

Dr. Faustus- i made it into this show playing covetousness and helen of troy. we open in 4 weeks. so, crazy.

Alan's new job- he works in the marketing dept. at idaho central. I'm pretty proud of that gent. and pretty impressed with his first out-of-college-job. he is the best.

putting my lab hours in for stagecraft- did i mention i'm pretty great with woodworking? thats a joke. but i do spend some of my free time building sets and doing manual labor for 3 credits.

school- i go to class. nothing new. except that i am really liking how active and interesting my classes are this semester. minus economics.

the nalders came to idaho to play- playing with my neices has been a treat. they are really tender.

so, that's whats up.
i'm not feeling super interesting in a bloggy sort of way....just in the sense that i am busy everyday and i'm really happy with things right now.

☮ & ♥

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