29 August 2011

a major change

called: i changed my major.

best decision ever, by the way.

I am now a BA of Theater.

My life goal has been to get myself graced on the broadway stage..or something of that sort. I love musical theater and i so love being center stage with those lights in my eyes.

Long story short, my advisor in music talked all about the big picture and obviously had no grasp of what my big picture is. It became obvious that getting a music degree was not the path i needed to take. I'm not in love with classical voice. I like it, but my strength is belting and i will utilize it.

i cant believe how unbelievably happy i am to be working in the direction i want to be going in. i loved choir in high school and that will always be a part of me. Music in college has been a different story and i'm glad to say goodbye.

so, there it is.
i didnt give up, like i'm sure some of you assumed.
{sorry that you're all miserable with yourselves.}
sometimes you've got to stand up for yourself.
i decided to do what i want for a change, and i'm the better for it.



  1. I am glad you are happy but I really do miss seeing you!

  2. lady, i've changed my major 3 time and I have finally found something that feels right and goooood. i'm glad you did too!!

  3. Amen sister! Today i just recieved email confirmation that i am now a musical theatre major. Even taking acting classes... I feel so alive. Sometimes you just know what you want and this is absolutely what i want.

    I also got the newest voice prof and hes the shizzz! Hes only assigned me two pieces so far and BOTH are musical theatre.

    I am so happy for yoooou! And i feel your satisfaction greatly :)

  4. I adore you and your direction in your aspirations :)
    If you hear any dissonant murmurings coming from the music dept, ignore them, you're doing what you need and want to do.

    But I really freaking miss seeing your face everyday :)