13 August 2011

the lost pictures of virginia

we're saying adieu to virginia early tomorrow morning and beginning our {scenic} route home
feast your eyes upon an assortment of iphone photos from this summer

{playing at busch gardens}

{no bad language}

{this truck was in the parking lot of our apartment. real bullet holes. only in the dirty south..}

{kyoto japanese steakhouse. best steak of my life.}

{jason's deli. yum}

{the greatest ice cream. withdrawls are in store}

{made a trip to bardo. }

{firehouse subs}

we are going to miss it terribly here.
it has been a really good summer, and virginia has a place in our hearts.

we're taking the long way home, up through new york and hitting chicago on broadway monday night. One last hoorah before the summer goes. Kindof peeing the pants right now.

talk to you in a weekish, bloggies.
love you

1 comment:

  1. can't wait to hear about your trip home adventures... and see the photos you take. Always, such lovely photos. :)