10 August 2011


i dont use and am not using social media as a personal gym log, or as a tool to brag.
&, i am not bragging.
just as a precursor.

i used to hate {and still kindof hate} reading about other people's great weight loss, because it made me jealous and a little annoyed
so if that is you, dont feel that way.
please dont feel like i am throwing my success in your face.
i've worked really hard.
i've obsessed about what to put into my body and how to exercise correctly.
{i wish i could be a personal trainer, or nutritionist a little}
but i am, for the first time in a long time, proud of my body.
i'm still not exactly where i want to be.
i'm slated to lose another 5 lbs before September rolls around.

but we took these pictures at the beach and i looked at them and i felt really good about them.
i apologize if my bikini'd body offends anyone, but i am pretty thrilled.
that's my excuse.

conclusion: i look good, and i feel really good.
now bring on the stress and late nights so i can re-gain my winter layer of fat before the freezing idaho temperatures are upon us


  1. you look AMAZING! i would be proud too! way to go!

  2. Psh! Put on your brag face! You are so allowed to be very proud after working so hard. Congratulations!

  3. you look great!
    i am a wee bit jealous...but also gives me extra motivation!
    good for you!

  4. HOT!!!! You look absolutely great, hon! Keep it up! It's SO GREAT! and I'm sure you're feeling pretty awesome as well? It will definitely make school a little easier when your body feels healthy.

  5. you look fantastic... thanks for the motivation :)

  6. mel, you look freaking fantastic!! and that swimming suit is adorable