19 July 2011

i like summer

{king neptune, virginia beach}

you heard me complain all last summer about how bad a time i was having.
perhaps you thought i'd just had an attitude adjustment in the past year.


its just that i am having a good summer.
i really wanted you guys to know, because i didnt want virginia to leave a bad taste in your mouth.
it is the most beautiful. trees everywhere.
and it's so hot and humid, which i adore.
lightening bugs. and lightening storms.
a deck that i can sun myself on.
places and races to run.

and i love the area we live in.
chesapeake is a great community and is close to all the big city stuff.
i am obsessed with it.
and a HUGE library system
and the beach..it is my favorite thing.
so are all the amazing places to dine.
and a job that i enjoy with a great boss and easy work.

i just needed to shed a little light on that subject, most of all so that i will remember the little things that are so great 2300 miles from home.

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