15 June 2011

"its just the way her face looks"

i saw this here. and how true it rings.
i have one of those faces that isnt real smiley. i have downturned lips that give off the impression that firstly, i am white. and secondly, that i am less than pleased.
i have been asked by strangers {especially when i worked at the Hilton. ew} why i dont smile like her.
"why dont you smile more? you have such a pretty face when you smile"
my mom used to get mad because i looked so 'surly' when we walked into church. sorry i couldnt plaster on a beauty pageant smile for ya. people see through that crap.
people tell me that they are afraid of me when they first meet me. what a first impression, right?
i have no in-between look. its either pissed, or the just-got-crowned.
unfortunately, when i feel that i look pleasant, i really look like i'm skankin' you out, girl.
so if we meet in the near future and i look pissed...i'm not.
you'll know im pissed when my eyes turn red and the horns emerge.
i suffer from chronic Beeyatch Face.
its just the way my face is.


  1. hahah ok this is hilarious. but no it is not true! i have seen plenty of pearly white smiles come from that beautiful face of yours!

  2. bwhahahah! I empathize... my face oft reflects things i'm thinking instead of my reactions to people... and my sight-reading face looks like I'm not contributing to choir (apparently), I think hard and my face goes "duh."

    I don't think you're surly. :)

  3. I could have written every word of that post. People are ALWAYS asking me what's wrong.... "well, nothing except your annoy questions!!"

    i absolutely relate. 100%