28 June 2011


i havent been feeling bloggish lately.
if i think about it too much, it creeps me out to think who could be reading this.

I'm a little confused about my blogging attitude. (blattitude? ha that sounds gross..like blatter)
there are people i love having read my blog.
there are others that i wish would leave me alone.
i wish i just blogged to a bunch of strangers.

i hate to privatize, because i like having random people read my blog and want to be friends.
{shout out to these two girls, who i dont know in person, but i really like having around}

not really any good solutions.
why must my hobby be incriminating?
{not a great word choice...by definition it only kindof works, but it feels right}


  1. Strangers are way better. I feel your pain.

  2. i am a stranger... astranger than you! heehee ;)

  3. i love reading your blog. if you do privitize, count me in!