29 April 2011

a few comments

because I dont have enough mind power to format a good post.

Firstly, the triathlon went so well. I think I have a new hobby.

Second, my spinning class ended and we did body comps. I've lost a substantial amount of weight in the last 6 months. More importantly, I am very healthy. I'm really happy about that.

Third, We're leaving to Virginia in a week and a half or so. I am really greatful for the oportunity to go audition somewhere different and get some real world experience. And, if none of those work out, getting a tan isnt a bad second option.

Fourth, Happy Friday. I'm embracing it by making broccoli soup for din and partying with Alan and some of our friends tonight. Fridays are always worth celebrating.

P.s. Here's a picture from the tri. The bengal's mouth is the finish line. I did it in an hour at 27 minutes. Not bad for a first timer and I'm coming back for more...

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