15 March 2011

that day when i got things done because Bach made me

Most people hate having to write papers {especailly long ones} for school.
I was one of those people...

You see:
I am the kind of person that doesnt do laundry until I have one day of underwear left.
And, I can never find it in myself to pick up my clutter. Or clothes
It would be unheard of for me to cook food for no reason.
Or paint my nails.
Or write an interesting blog post.
Or watch Netflix and eat said cupcakes
It would only be fitting that I would hate to write a legnthy paper.
However, all those things that I never can find it in myself to do, even when I have nothing going on, get done when there's something I would like to do even less. Thus, I must do these things to put off that thing.

I really like terrible school requirements. They make everything else so much easier.

And if you cant tell how tongue in cheek i'm being....then maybe you should come write my paper for me. I'm having a hard time using anything less than a snarky tone when discussing Bach....

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