25 February 2011

her, her and him

One is a girl that used to be friends with my sister and I'm pretty sure they arent anymore;
The other, a girl that I worked with in high school that dated a boy I had previously dated..(and she did not like that)
lastly, a boy that I went on a couple dates with. After the second one, he told me I'm the type of girl he would like to marry, but oh wait for it, he was excommunicated cause he couldn't stop having promiscuous sex. There was no third date.

So why is it that these people sent me friend requests on Facebook?
I know it's not so we can form a healthy friendship.
And because I know the facebook game well, why do they want to keep tabs on me?
I'm not into my sister's dramz, I am not after whats-her-face's boyfriend (obviously) and I'm married so homeboy should move right along.
creepin. me. out.

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