09 February 2011

Dear you,
Thank you for opening my eyes.
You made me see people for what they are.
You helped me see what you are.
A hypocrite.
A phony.
Exactly what you pretended to dislike.
I see right through you.
And I'm glad we aren't friends.
What happened was a huge blessing.
I am happier and more secure without you.
I feel good about myself.
The life i live is good.
You were a crutch that I'm so glad to be rid of.
Things are so pleasant, sans you.
So, never apologize.
I wont accept.
Let me advise you, never trick yourself into thinking you're taking the high road.
You never do that; we are both aware.. even if you do make a liar out of yourself.
You hurt me.
You betrayed me.
You are fake.
And this the last time you'll find me wasting time or breath on you.
I'm letting you go.
If you ever glance my way, I wont return it.
If you try to talk to me, I will look the other way.
Go ahead, laugh loudly and act like you're on top of the world.
We both know the truth.
Your act falls upon deaf ears, blind eyes and oblivious senses

You are dead to me.

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