10 January 2011


I didnt like her much.
yes, the day had a feminie feel.
could be that I'm on my period.
could be that today was a bee-yatch.

Today planned that I would only feel like watching Netflix and making a chocolate milkshake once every hour.
Today also planned that I would go back to school and insisted upon taking me away from the couch and my high school musical blanket.

Today felt like not being nice. Whatever. My perspective will change tomorrow, probably.

{Actually, Pretty Little Liars was good tonight. And I had taco soup with my family. Ok, today was not bad towards the end.}

Cindy Ellen rehearsal will be fun tomorrow. I like being on stage x 100. I will also like coming home and making a milkshake after 9-4 torture:).

With that, I'm going to bed early.

g'night bloggerinas.

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