15 January 2011

character analysis

I'm kindof boring lately.
So boring that I'm actually doing a character study of myself.


Character Name: Melissa Bodily

Actor Name (or in this case, actress who would play me in a movie): Rachel Bilson or Leighton Meester.

1. Character Age: 21

2. Physical Characteristics


Just kindof regular. Talks in a lower register, but very far from manly.


Upright, but not uptight.


one foot in front of the other. Not clumsy, usually.

Physical Description:

Longish brown hair, 5'8". Athletic body type.

3. Occupation: Student at Idaho State University, Musician.

4. Interests: Music, Clothing/ Fashion, Writing

5.Beliefs: (Religious and otherwise): Latter-day saint

6. Ambition: Loves loves loves being on stage. Ambitious to be recognized as a performer. Also wants a family.


7. Where is character from?

Utah born, Idaho raised.

8. Who are your character's parents? What did they do? Do you have any siblings or other close relatives? Who

are they?

Parents- there's alot that can be said. Dad, Kip, runs a consulting buisness and Mom, Meggan, raised the family. Two sisters. and a pup.

9. What is your favorite: (explain)

A. Color?: purples..She doesnt like to wear it, but other things purple are just dandy.

B. Food?: Anything fresh and delicious. Anything not containing gluten...

C. Song or Type of Music?: This character cant be confined to one specific type of music or song.

D. Play, Movie, Book, Television Show and/or Radio Show?: Favorite play: The importance of being Ernest. Movie: Sound of music Book: Pirates! Television Show: Pretty Little Liars. for now.

10. What is your body lead? feet.

11. What type of animal are you most like? Explain. Red panda..definately has its defensive insticts, but appears soft and cuddly.

12. What are some important items or images associated with your character? There is a 50's early 60's influence on her clothing choices and stuff.. those era's could be representative. There's a wedding ring too that is almost it's own character. iPhone is probably another. Husband, as well?

13. What is the character’s relationship to the other characters in the play?

Husband- happily married, good friends and a great relationship.

In-laws- huge, because they house our character. Good relationship here.

Character's family- good relationship, close.

School mates- alot good, a few not so great. There are a few dislikes but no mortal enemies.

Humm..not that interesting. It's awk to analyze yourself.

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