30 December 2010

two thousand {and} ten

It's been good, its been bad and everything in between. It's name is change. We got married, traveled. moved and ate alot of food. We finally got our living conditions under control (kindof) and we've invested even more time and money into "education". Without further ado, I introduce the outgoing year
two thousand {and} ten, yo.
{and yes, I know everyones doing it..I lack creativity. You knew that.}

- We celebrated the new year by doing laundry and going to bed early.
-We started our family on January second.
-We took a honeymoon to vegas and spent all of our winnings ($30) on 4 pounds of candy.
-Shock of being married hits both of us over the head.
-We found out that Alan's APX office would be located in Virginia, Alan's old mission stomping grounds and we'd be moving cross country in May.
-I began my first composition course. I turned out to be decent at it.
-I started feeling more consistently sick and Alan became increasingly worried.
-Arrested Development Obsession.
-I performed Morten Lauriden's Mid Winter Songs.
-March found both of our spirits decently high as we were both surviving in school.
-Spring break happened. And we happened to stay home and clean. We did make it to Provo for some APX training and i hung out with Ali and we went to the Festival of colors. So great:)
-We made our first big credit enhancing purchase..the sex panther, our black Hyundai Sonata.
- Alan's Fraternity put on a successful IdahoBuisnessLeaderOftheYear that Alan had to speak at.
-I went to get tested for being sick always, unfortunately nothing came of it except financail trouble
-I started hanging out with Alexsis more and we brought back hamburger helper night. We bought scentsy's together too.
-Alan gets elected president of his fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi
-I performed the Brahms Requiem

- I passed my Junior standing, a landmark in music education.
-Alan and I drove cross country to Virginia. We left in snow flurries and arrived to 80 degree humidity.
- I ate at my first Buffalo Wild Wings.
-Alan begins selling security. 10 hour days..I become a blogging fiend. Look at the numbers. Ridiculous.
- Our office realizes that it needs to relocate because our apartment complex wouldn't work with our time frame.
-I got a job at Journeys..but wait, we're moving. So I turned it down and blogged some more.
-I put purple in my hair and went to the beach or the pool every day.
-Alexsis came for a visit.
-My body still doesnt feel good, but the beachy air helps
-Alan turns 23. We have a fun little birthday party with cup cakes.
-I become an addict to Pretty Little Liars.
-Spent the fourth of July in DC with our friends. I bought a pair of Toms.
-We Ventured to OBX in North Carolina and Enjoyed the Farmers Market and Gorgeous Beaches
-I begin making headbands to recover some of my sanity.
-The Office moves to Charlottesville and we begin our 2 1/2 stint living in a Hotel
-I got myself super hyped for school to start
-We make the monstrous drive back to Idaho
-School becomes a nightmarish and that's all I will say about that.
-High school swimming starts for Alan. He becomes Century's coach.
-I turned 21.
-Alan got his appendix out.
-I made the cast of Cabaret.
-I begin to post incessant doodles and start thrifting because its more fun that way.
-Blog changed to through her iphone lens....
-We attend a Halloween Party and carved pumpkins
-I find out from reading an article at fitperez.com that what's been making me sick is Gluten.
-Cabaret opens and becomes a favorite memory and a great accomplishment
-Thanksgiving with my family in Idaho Falls.
-I begin to consider changing the direction i'm going with music.
-Alan gets a job working for ISU's marketing.
-I change my major to Bachelor of Arts in Music
-We both survive finals and both come out clear. Alan is set to graduate in the spring and I got the best grades I've ever had in college.
-Alan's sister surprises the family and shows up a few days before christmas with her husband and little girl, Averie.
-We celebrate Christmas eve with my family and christmas with Alan's. It is a truly blessed holiday.

2010...I cant say that im that sad. It's been most difficult. With it came different resposibilities and a change in lifestyle. Alan and I are both looking forward to 2011. Our second year together, and it wont be hard to beat 2010. it will easily be our best year yet.

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  1. You are actually the only person I have seen with a post like that I think it is a really cute idea and may end up copying you.... Hope you have a great new year!