07 November 2010


The temptations of cutting all of my hair off and loving every minute are back...but, then I end up seeing pictures of some of my beautiful high school friends who havent cut their hair since we graduated and now its long and gorgeous and they look gorgeous and then I change my mind and make myself a promise that I wont entertain this thought till my hair is WELL past my boobs but then i take a look in the mirror and get upset because I just had to cut mine a few years ago and its starting to get long but not as long as i want and its mostly just awkward and while i think i am just a long haired kind of girl, I cant pass up the possibility of having some Victoria Beckham locks, but I want to be done with my swoop bangs forever and never have to grow out my hair again and possibly just get into something a little more Kardashian-esque and be a little more classy (i know Kardashian in no way equals classy) than I was when I was eighteen and had the exact same haricut I do now.

{minus the blonde streak.}


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