21 November 2010

Au Cabaret

It was a fantastic run.
I'm going to miss it terribly.
Its safe to say that it was one of the best collegiate experiences I've had.
I might venture to say it has been THE best.
The people I've met and the things I've learned are invaluable.
Here are a few pictures that can hardly show the fun its been.

{Me. Vic. Omar}
{Myself and Megan as Sally Bowles}
{Regina, as Fritzy the Gypsy}

Also, I auditioned for a Readers Theatre that ISU Theatre/ Dance is putting on in January. The story is Cindy Ellen (a Cinderella Story) and I got the part of the Stepmother! I am so anxious to get back on stage. I am so so excited for another great theatrical experience!

1 comment:

  1. i am sooooo mad i couldt come cause of the dumbbutt garbage can o poop snow that decided to fall from the sky saturday.....ugh!!!! i ammm sooooo MAD! but i bet it was ah-mazin! :D and you are so talented i am so glad you are my sister! see... we can do amazing stuff.........
    ..without a disease. *cough cough*
    i love you (: loves loves loves!