29 September 2010

a little bit of Lately

Lately has not been very kind to us.
She's actually pretty suckish.

But let me just say that we are both aware of how much are lives are blessed and that our trials serve to strengthen us as individuals and as a couple.

To distract from Lately's unkindness, I thought I'd feature our week(ish) in pictures. Pictures seem to reflect the good times (at least according to my iPhone..) and what better way to blog than pretend like everything is just dandy?! (P.s. I DO NOT use words like 'dandy')

Birthday Pictures: I love the first because I look like a real big brat..
I am pretty sure It was just a yawn...or something Captain said.
The second is my presents: I got a keyboard from Al and a Uke from Abi (pictured)
My parents also gave me a really gorgeous necklace and some cash. $$
I love birthdays...

Avrie! She came to visit and she was definately a blast. We love her.

Not super sure what relevance this picture has, other than it's Minnie...and she really likes to lay IN my homework WHILE I do it.

And here's ALan at the Hospital pre surgery. At this point, his mom and I were laughing at him (he's posing for this obnoxious picture..) He was out of pain and on some strong drugs..and he looked silly. I'm so glad he's home and feeling a little better.

☮ & ♥

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