04 August 2010

That time I lived inn an inn

As I mentioned previously, Alan's company had to relocate our office. As I am mentioning now, we are currently living in a hotel. I've known about it for awhile and I anticipated that the move would be hard, but in the end, leaving Norfolk would be really great for me/us. Of course living in a hotel couldn't be that terrible and relocating sounded like a good thing.

Wrong. Ish..Because when we pulled up and I saw this and realized that we werent staying in a traditional hotel, I had a couple different trains of thought. From the outside, It looks a little like it could be really classy and European, or just a crappy hotel with a theme.

We checked in and headed up to our room. With bated breath, I opened the door and I actually laughed. It's pretty sick in the way that it's actually a little disgusting. Not horrible, but definitely not The Waldorf Astoria. Sketchy little bathroom and an oldish TV. Not a big deal unless you call it home. Big enough a deal to publish it as a complaint to annoy those of you who refuse to appreciate anything short of a sickly sweet post. (;


I must admit, the English Inn does stick to the theme rather well. The rooms are dimly lit (as any European Dwelling should be) and there's classical music playing in the lobby. And hey, there's even high tea with "Homemade Cookies".*

I will say this: Charlottesville is the size of town I am most comfortable in and I'm close to everything. The woods are right next to us and they're gorgeous. (See above) I walked through a few days ago and its crazy beautiful. The Shenandoah Valley is a big deal.

*I worked at The Hilton and we also provided the same ammenity. Homemade means ordered in large frozen quantities and thrown in the oven around 3 p.m.

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