25 August 2010

School is in session

..and I'm really excited to be back. For whatever reason, I've been feeling rather invincible up against 17 credits and what is sure to be a bunch of music to learn. I'm in upper division classes (finally) and it's great to have some non standard classes to look forward to. Philosophy, Choral conducting and Anthropology have all given me a zen* vibe. If I start using interesting words or anunciating...you'll know why.

As for Alan, he does not let trivial things like school determine how he feels about life...so we'll just assume is happy about his semester as well, being that it's his last year as an ISU student.

I'm sure that my blogging will be quite sparse until December, as I would like to keep my newfound energy for academia, here's my warning in advance. I'd apologize, but I know that there is not a soul out there that is offended by me not updating about my faboosh life every other day:)

Anyway..here's to a good semester. :))))

* Is zen the right word to use? I get this sort of 'becoming in touch with your body and movements' and developing 'sage wisdom' vibe from conducting and philosophy. Hum..

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