20 July 2010

the one where i took up crafts.

I would never say that I'm crafty.

I have no ambition to ever learn to sew.

I tried crosstitch for a church project..hated it..never finished.

I don't make scarves because I'm a little adverse to knitting.

Beading is 90's.

I would literally hide anytime my mom was looking for someone to accompany her to JoAnn.

BUT (and this is a big but),

since my family left...I've been a little homesick and a little um, bored.

This has left me no choice but to make headbands like every other twenty-something blogger on the web.

I understand how creative that makes me.

May I introduce you to my handmade headbands.

Would it be ok if i was a little bit proud?

I think it would be:)

{lace, a button, ribbon and a headband. I actually hand stitched this!}

{Three strands of fabric braided. MY personal fave}

{ Three random pieces of string with a quasi-fishbone braid}


  1. Your hair is getting looooong!

  2. What the heck! I must be the only person on the planet who can't make a headband! The one and only time I tried, it was turned out to be a huge FAIL. It looked so bad I wanted to cry. and I haven't tried to make another one since.. *sigh* But I love your lace/button one! and I love the last picture of you! You're so pretty, Ma!

  3. Actually, those are freaky cute. I would buy one, except not only am I not crafty enough to make one, but I'm not cool enough to wear one. It would just look like I tied a string around my head. But you definately pull it off. DEFINATELY.

  4. Ma. I think I need to make you one and send it to you so you can see how simple it is. I looked up headband making tutorials and I made the easy ones because I am not of the crafty sort.

    Challis. Dude. You have the best hair AND face to wear a headband. But I understand...Just like Leggings.. I cant bring myself to wear them because I look like an eightys freak, but I wish that I could.