05 July 2010

Holiday recap

This holiday weekend was the best yet.
A few of the things we enjoyed:

Having a few hours by ourselves while driving.
Partying hard mormon style with Addie and Brit.
Making a cute little picnic to eat whilst watching the fireworks.
Eating at potbelly.
Eating yogen fr√úz.
Frolicking around Capitol Hill.
The guy selling Obama condoms.
Seeing the fireworks displayed over The District.
Making banana bread muffins. (yum)
Playing Uno and some other awes. game that I can't remember the name of.
Seeing the White House and the Washington Monument in person.
The boys jamming to California Girls....all day long.

The best fourth ever.
I hope all you Bloggerellas had a great holiday as well.


OH and happy 100th blog post to me! What a great post to have as my hundredth! Here's to another lovely 100 posts!

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