16 July 2010


I don't have much else to say, or do for that matter.
Here's to being some sort of interesting.

TWENTY years ago I...
1. Living in Provo
2. Went by Karla :(
3. 10 months old.

TEN years ago I...
1. Was getting ready to move to Idaho Falls
2. MY BFF was Roni
3. I was a scraggly little ten year old

FIVE years ago I...
1. Was getting ready for High school!
2. Sooo emo! HA
3. Practicing basketball and doing a bunch of camps

THREE years ago I...
1. Was preparing to be a senior
2. Worked at Sizzler and the leather shop.
3. Was in for one of my best years.

ONE year ago I...
1. Was awaiting Alan's arrival from Ohio
2. Worked at the Hilton
3. Could not wait to move back in with Alex and have a party all semester long.

So far THIS YEAR I have...
1. Gotten Married.
2. Moved 3 times.
3. Officially gotten admitted to the music program.

1. Swam in the beach and made myself a salty, sandy mess.
2. Ate some amazing pizza.
3. Babysat Betty

1. Ate some Chunky monkey.
2. Hung out with Veronica and had a Glee marathon.
3. Recooped from yesterday.

TOMORROW I will...
1. Send off my family.
2. Finally welcome Alan back after a looong week.
3. Probably eat some ice cream.

In the NEXT YEAR I hope to...
1. Have a great scholarly year.
2. Move somewhere a little more permanently.
3. Get a pup.

1. Get some sun.
2. Try to keep up with some form of music.
3. Relax.

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