29 June 2010


Dear Journeys, I would have loved to work for you. Trust me. If only I knew when we were moving...speaking of...

Dear APX, WHEN are we moving and um..WHERE?

Dear girl that shall remain nameless, please stop your pathetic pathological lying. Why do you need to do that? It makes it reallly hard for me to tolerate you, much less like you. Also, stop using me. I know when you do and it hurts, even if we arent really friends, just people thrown into a weird situation.

Dear circles under my eyes, why are you becoming so prominent???

Dear school, I am looking forward to you starting. Surprising I know, but I've been missing choir a whole lot. Plus, I'm an upperclassmen now and thats just plain exciting.

Dear bathroom, what if you cleaned yourself for a change? Hum?

Love love love,


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