02 June 2010

Some Notes

Dear Oil and Vinegar,
I'll admit I never was turned on by the idea of you on my lettuce, but you taste delightful on salad. We will be eating together much more often.

Dear Alan,
Tonight I am making an awesome chicken dish sided by the afore-mentioned salad. It will make selling all day worth it. P.s. thanks for the job you do. I could never do it. I would cry every night.

Dear Humidity,
I actually don't hate you like many people. I like not using lotion and I actually enjoy the feeling of moist air. But the sinus issues you cause are getting unbearable.

Dear Maybelline,
Your new Volum' Express Falsies Mascara is the best 7 bucks i've ever spent!

Dear Body,
I wish you could just tell me whats wrong. Everything aches. Flu?

☮ & ♥


  1. Dear Ma,
    I might steal your notes idea.. I'm running out of things to blog about. :)

  2. Notes are the best. Also, I stole them from rockstar diaries. Like I am really that clever...ha!