16 June 2010

!0 Things About Alan

*His present from me:)
It includes one reason on each card, thus 52.

1. He has a love for all things sugar.
2. Cereal is his go to food.
3. He is the most even tempered person I know.
4. He LOVES classic rock.
5. Messes bug the crap out of him. Which is unfortunate, because I am a little slobby.
6. He can quote any episode of Friends. He's seen them all. (I can't help thinking that that fact would have made some other woman terribly happy. Unfortunately, all it means to me is that he's seen every episode several times which is pathetic ;))
7. He loves the burn of eating spicy foods.
8. The Trident layers gum commercials make him very irate. (They are so rediculous)
9. He treats everyone like they're gold. It makes me look awful. I still love it.
10. He has an eye for floral arrangements. Anything he puts together is beautiful.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

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