11 April 2010

A pregnant little mishap, and no..I ain't expecting.

You know how in relief society, they pass around a big binder full of...stuff? (you know...who wants to feed the missionaries, who wants to babysit, etc.) Well..there was a paper asking who was leaving for the summer. I noted that no one's name was written down and I saw the paper behind it was the one with all the names. Diligently, I began writing my name on the sheet with all the names. After filling it out, some bolded print caught my eye. Due Date? "Is that a cute way of asking the day we're leaving?," I thought to myself. I shortly realized I had put my name on the EXPECTING sheet. For those of you that can still see through the blacked out, almost ripped-from-the-ball-point-pen-paper:
Expecting a Baby?

Melissa Bodily May 5th

please disregard this allegation.
I am so not pregnant.
I am so not 8 months along.
And I am so not observant.

Haha, and all that Jazz.
I really just want a pup.



  1. hahaha oh my goodness that made me laugh so hard. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon.

  2. Haha! I can totally picture you doing this.