21 July 2009

Peeks of my life via cell phone lens

There are just so many goodies on my cell phone that i thought i would just share them with you. Q: please don't tell me you just figured out that if you sent the pictures to your email you can upload them??A:ha
taken: yesterday. this is basically how i dress on any given day this summer. i am just so weird lately.
maybe lately is wrong. i am just so weird. and p.s. those are my sisters. we make a pretty sick bunch.
. this is my sister captain. and pretty much she
's always pulling a face or being a creep and i love it.
ooooo! one of my first summer '09 memories! I went to preston with alex and we had a bonfire. or bonfyah. poeple thought this sign was weird. it is.
Ate crap on Arbie. also, ripped a hole in my Trues. It buffed. Pants=still cute. Knee=mended. Q:who longboards in their nicest pair of jeans?? A: um..i have no good excuse. i was just trying to look tender. so much for that
Alan sent me these gorgeous flowers. Thats why he's so great. He's in Columbus, OHIO and he still manages to be a decent albeit good! boyfriend. alan sent me this yesterday...He's not an artist, but he is absolutely tender. Q: ok, so you talk about this alan homeboy alot. i see no proof. DID you make him up? A: Hold your horses! He's coming up!But first, ARBIe! This is my Longboard and I absolutely adore her. Q:her?A:yesh. longboards, while not very feminine can be girls every once in a while.We have an amazing riding chemistry. im pretty sure we're best friends [[still]]. she bucked me off twice yesterday, but i think she was in a bad mood. i still love her. Also, im hooking her up with sectie(alans board) and i know they'll love eachother dearly. One big happy family.I understand that this picture is kinda myspacie. However, it was taken about 3 weeks before i chopped off all my hair into a rihanna do. so, you see, this is how i looked less than a year ago. ...my how things change.Finally! Here is alan. No i did not create him out of the depths of my soulful imagination. He's real. He's adorable. and He's mine. I must say i am thrilled about all of those facts. Especially the latter of the 3.

This is MC OZ from Love You Long Time last November. I've been an avid LYLT show-goer for a few years now, and whenever they're in the area, i support their shows, man. Its always totally worth it too, cause they put on the sickest shows ever. Hit one up. seriously.

so yep....my life in a few pictures. awes.


  1. Sad.. this seems like such a cute post, but I can't see any pictures! But I can imagine them being pretty awes. Sucks about your jeans, though. boooo

  2. pictures=fixed. haha it was a process, considering i am mentally retarded..thats fine.

  3. yessss! i love these pictures. especially the first one. haha i love your fam. PS i'm in town!